When the idea of creating luxury finished needlepoint pillows was first introduced, we were all quite excited. The idea of our beautiful needlepoint designs in a finished form was a thrill. We jumped at the opportunity to make this idea a reality.

But where would we find stitchers who shared our same passion and love of stitching? Where would we find a group of people wiling to work to our meticulous standards of quality and find the same joy in needlepoint that we have?

We found it with our wonderful group in India.

We wanted to have our needlepoint pillows hand stitched in a place where we could also give back, feel a connection to the people and create an environment where we all flourished. We wanted our stitchers to enjoy the craft and the joy of creating something timeless, giving everyone involved a positive, happy and healthy experience.

We are now intertwined together through the love of needlepoint...

We flew out to India, ready to teach the stitchers our specialty Victorian cross stitch for our pillows and ended up getting a real lesson in the warm and friendliness of the Indian people. We were welcomed into their homes, fed at their tables, offered fresh coconut water from a tree in their yard (delicious!) and really made to feel like an extension of their families. Our introductory trip with them could not have been more gracious and welcoming – and a real friendship was born between us. 

The villages were lovely and we were able to see where they lived, where they would be stitching and how their families would surround them as they worked. We realized we were offering them employment opportunities that allowed them to stay in their homes, close to their children in a relaxed and comfortable place. We were thrilled.

Since our initial visit to India, our friendship has grown. Our weekly chats keep us close and connected, even if we are physically many hundreds of miles apart. We consider them business colleagues, yes, but the groups of stitchers we have found mean so much more to us than a mere business relationship. We are now intertwined together through the love of needlepoint and the desire to create unique, timeless pieces that are simply a step above anything else offered in the market. Together, we have made something beautiful. And for that, we are very, very excited.